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Testimonials Mediation and FDR Mediation

All Testimonials are from participants in real Mediations conducted by Margaret.  Names have been changed to preserve confidentiality.

Selected Testimonials are provided for Mediations about

Industrial Relations
Sport and Recreation

Family Business
Sexual Harassment

Multiparty Rural Community

Selected Testimonials are also provided for FDR Mediation.



"When we initially embarked upon the mediation process, I was dubious but hopeful about achieving a positive outcome. I couldn’t see how this could be achieved, however. It seemed that one of us was going to walk away unhappy either way. It was a very stressful situation. I was worried that a bad outcome could affect my business and my family’s finances well in to the future.

It helped a great deal that Margaret spent the time at the beginning of the mediations speaking me, and the other participant, separately. That way, I felt free to explain my side of the story, my concerns and even my doubts about the mediation process. Margaret responded to these concerns clearly, calmly and explained the mediation process very well.

Throughout the joint sessions, Margaret remained neutral while allowing lines of communication to remain open.

In the end, we came to an amicable agreement. The process was one of structure and efficiency, and I believe my business relationship and I am cautiously optimistic about my relationship with the other participant remaining a functional one. I can now look to the future of my business and my family with confidence."

Aldo 2012

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Industrial Relations

The way, the mediation was conducted was very, very professional ......You did everything you could to bring two feuding parties together......I sincerely, thank you.

Nigel 2017

"When mediation was suggested for a dispute at my workplace between my group and the management, I was not familiar with the process. I feel like previous negotiations had hit a brick wall – it was very much a yes / no situation. Procedure required us to move on to mediation, so I attended as representative.

I was surprised by the issues that were broached throughout the mediation process. There were issues which were important for both my group and the management.  In previous negotiations there had not been room for these issues to be broached. Margaret assisted us in integrating our concerns and needs in to the discussion, which lead to what I believe was a positive outcome."

Brian 2012

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Sport and Recreation

"Thank you Margaret. As you know, it was a dicey situation with huge publicity and financial risks. We were holding our breath until the speeches were over. It all went exactly as agreed. You have made a huge contribution to this business."

Nigel 2013

“I very much appreciate your skilful facilitating of an agreement that is satisfactory to all, in protracted and difficult circumstances. You mediated with a light touch and with great integrity.”

Rob Neesham 2015

Margaret displayed outstanding professionalism in dealing with a very delicate issue.  The process undertaken was rigorous and was instrumental in arriving at a satisfactory resolution.

All parties involved indicated satisfaction with the way in which the process was handled and the manner in which they were engaged.

Dale Ballantyne 2015

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"Margaret was wonderful in helping to diffuse a conflicted situation and in helping myself and the other participant get to the bottom of the issues at hand. Margaret was calm and patient throughout.  Thanks to this and the mediation process we were able to communicate not only the issues which had lead to the conflict, but also we were able to gain an understanding of some unavoidable situational elements which had exacerbated the issues.

Though it was not easy, the result of the mediation has been a continued relationship between myself and the participant’s organisiation – something I could not have imagined seeing as I was considering legal action just six months ago. I greatly appreciate this as the particiapnts’ organisation is one which myself and my family rely on greatly to get by. We can now look back on this disagreement as a bump in the road. Thank you Margaret for your forbearance throughout the process."

Ana 2012

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"I was looking for a structured, efficient process and an amicable agreement. That's what I got. Thank you."

Max 2014

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Family Business

"Many thanks Margaret.

Thank you again for all of your forbearance and perseverance.

Hope you and your plants are all well."

Julia 2012

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Sexual Harassment

"I thought I'd let you know that my life has turned a corner. I’m back doing my photography and I'm exercising nearly every day. It's hard to believe that I was so bleak before mediation."

Maria 2014

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"Thank you for yesterday. It was a truly wonderful step forward in what has become a journey of change."

Kate 2012

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"It was very difficult for the three terms I was being bullied at school.  I found it difficult to sleep and to concentrate in class and my school work began to suffer.  It got worse after I was physically attacked and I felt very anxious about seeing the girls again. I was worried about how this was going to affect my year 11 and 12 studies.

The court ordered that we attend mediation, and although I had spoken to my parents and teachers about the issue before and it had not stopped, Mum and I agreed that it would be worth trying.

After speaking with Margaret without the other girls present, I felt ready to speak with them, one at a time.  Our mothers were also present, which I think helped keep things calm.  It wasn’t as bad or threatening as I thought it might be, because Margaret made sure we always spoke to each other in a respectful way. We listened to each others’ thoughts on the matter and came up with a list of agreements on how to act at school so that we can all feel safe and not threatened.

It’s term 4 now, and I feel a bit more relaxed about going to school. So far we have all kept to the terms of the agreement. I’m happy we went to mediation, because we were able to sit down and talk about the issues together in a fair and even way.  If there are any other issues, we have a follow up meeting planned for one month’s time. I’d be very happy to attend mediation with Margaret again."

Sara 2011

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"It was a very heartfelt and deeply reflective moment(s) last week when I received the written apology and a cheque from Martin. Certainly not a feeling of victory, but an ending and a beginning. I did know that what the apology and payment encompassed was very important to me, if yet not fully understood.

Martin’s letter of apology was very well done and the payment was not the 20K agreed to, but for reasons not fully explained by Martin, it was for 30K!  God or the religious mind (I suspect the latter) moves in very mysterious ways indeed.

Be that as it may, I would say that the real credit for the resolution achieved here was really down to your patience and forbearance and I would like to thank you very much for these efforts."

Rodney 2012

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"I appreciate your professional style and your thorough preparation for the mediation last week. I have to say that although I have been told I could have high expectations of your work, I was sceptical. I have had feedback from the parties and they are very satisfied with the process however they would like to address outstanding issues."

Daniel, lawyer 2012

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Multiparty Rural Community

"I received a phone call from the Project Manager at the local Court Office this morning who wanted me to provide an updated feedback about the success of the mediation which involved 25 individuals both youth and adults and relay the feedback to management. The project manager has said that for the children and adults who participated in the May mediation that was facilitated by you have had an unexpectedly positive result. The courts were originally expecting just a reduction of the breaches of offending and no one expected the results that had been achieved by those that participated.

None of the youth or adults involved in the mediation have reoffended in any way and none of them have been before the Magistrates Court for any reoffending since May. The youth are also achieving better results at school with their interaction with each other and their school attendance. Now when the youth come into contact with each other they acknowledge each other respectfully and are comfortable in being in public and socialising freely with each other.

The parties have taken their written agreements very seriously and are continuing to live by them with the support of their families who were originally a little sceptical about the Mediation process. The positive change in the community has not gone unnoticed by the Elders. They are equally as surprised and pleased by the outcome of no further offending from the youth and there general attitudes. The families involved in the Mediation have all commented on how sensitive you were to their issues and how comfortable they felt with you as you were really on the ball with all of them.

The Project Manager has also provided me with an update of a referral that will be made today in the local Magistrates court. The Magistrates court is going to be adjourning several adults who are to appear in court today for inappropriate social behaviour related matters. The individual’s matters will be formalised in court today that those involved in the related offences attempt Mediation in the New Year.

Their court matters are going to be adjourned until approximately April to allow sufficient time to do the intake process with those referred and a possible Mediation if it is appropriate and wanted to establish availability for receiving a referral from them.

The Project Manager will provide me with a detailed email in the New Year of all the individuals involved there, contact details and background information to make an assessment for suitability of Mediation.

Once I have received that information I will provide you with a briefing."

Susan, Mediation Officer 2013

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FDR Mediation

"Thank you for your time and patience & we'll be in touch again if necessary."

Amelia 2013

"Margaret provided a non-threatening, neutral environment in which myself and my ex-husband could come to an amicable agreement regarding the end of ten year marriage. My ex-husband and I began the mediation process with a great feeling of animosity towards one another. Despite this, Margaret assessed us as suitable for mediation.

Though I thought it was not possible, my ex-husband and I reached an agreement regarding our children, property and assets. I have no doubt that our choice to persevere with the mediation process, and Margaret’s willingness to support us in this perseverance, would have certainly protected our children in the long run."

Alic​ia 2012

"I would like to confirm that I will be at the next session. I do not require a support person as I am very happy with you as our mediator. I checked with Jane. We both feel very comfortable with you and are extremely happy with our first interview."

Jo​hn 2012

"Of all the people I met on my journey through family law you were the only person who ‘got it’. You did an incredible balancing act in communicating that to me while remaining neutral. If my story can make a difference to others, I'm happy for you to confidentially share it with those who you perceive may be willing to listen. Warm regards."

Marion 2012

"I don't know what you thought of us, doing it in fits and starts. The thing is, it worked for us, especially from me because I took a long while to come up to speed. I've learnt a lot and one of the things I've learnt is that we are both good people, we are just not good for each other. Thank you for your professionalism and lots more besides."

El​izabeth 2014

"Just a quick note to say thank you for your help in mediation.

You were my last chance to finalise negotiations with Suja so I could see Rohana.

Since consent orders have been lodged I have picked up Rohana from school twice and will also be picking her up today, she has been great no tears and very friendly towards me.

Once again thank you for your expertise and professionalism."

Ah​med 2012

"It's been six months since mediation and I said I would tell you what it was like after six months. I found mediation difficult but I'm glad I persevered. It's been tough for me since mediation but the important thing is that the agreement is working and the kids are happy and I know I will get there. Maybe I'll tell you what it's like after another six months. Anyway thank you. We couldn't have done it without you."

Suzette 2012

Thank you for your efforts. The process of mediation I am sure will have served to protect the girls to some degree.

Alis​on 2014

"I was looking for a structured, efficient process and an amicable agreement. That’s what I got. Thank you."

Chri​s 2012

I admire your style. We got the legal and logical agreements we wanted.

Em​ma 2012

"Thank you. We can finally now put the past behind us and start to make a happy life."

Th​omas 2013

"Thanks for sending this through.

Many thanks for all your efforts.  They were and are very much appreciated."

Michael 2014

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